• The start of the Guadalupe River. The South Fork (left) and the North Fork (right) come together in Hunt, TX.
    The start of the Guadalupe River. The South Fork (left) and the North Fork (right) come together in Hunt, TX.
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    Guadalupe Basin Natural Resource Center
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Welcome to the UGRA

The Guadalupe River originates in Western Kerr County, deep in the Texas Hill Country. This beautiful spring fed river is one of the highest rated recreational and scenic rivers in Texas and is Kerr County's central asset.

The Upper Guadalupe River Authority (UGRA) was created as a conservation and reclamation district by the Texas Legislatures in 1939. In short, the mission of the Upper Guadalupe River Authority is to protect, develop, and manage the water quantity, quality, and sustainability in the Guadalupe River watershed in Kerr County.

Cost Assistance For Rainwater Harvesting

UGRA is accepting applications October 1 - November 30, 2019

The Rainwater Catchment System Cost Assistance Program is open to all individuals and entities interested in initiating a rainwater catchment system or expanding a current system in Kerr County.  A total of $2,500 will be granted to one or more recipients. A judging panel will review the applications against program criteria in order to determine which project(s) will be funded.

Water Quality Concerns for Summer

UGRA has recently received a number of inquiries about the potential for blue-green algae in Kerr County.  This August 2019 "UGRA Currents" article provides more information as well as this article from Texas A&M

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Rainwater Rebates

UGRA has a rebate program to promote water conservation and watershed stewardship through rainwater harvesting.  Your recent purchase of equipment for rainwater harvesting could earn you up to $100. Learn More

Plateau Water Planning Group ( PWPG )

Located on the southern edge of the Edwards Plateau, the six-county Plateau Water Planning Group (PWPG) stretches from the United States-Mexican border in the west to the Texas Hill Country in the east. The region includes portions of the Colorado, Guadalupe, Nueces, Rio Grande, and San Antonio river basins. PWPG is a one of the 16 planning groups working under the oversight of the Texas Water Development Board. Learn More