Outreach and Education

Public Education: To facilitate understanding of water issues

UGRA has an active education program designed to give Kerr County residents a better understanding of the Upper Guadalupe River and its watershed. UGRA staff gives numerous presentations to schools, clubs, and organizations.

Our Current Programs are:

Presentations in Schools

UGRA staff makes numerous presentations each year at local schools. For examples, every fall, the B. T. Wilson sixth graders attend Outdoor Ed at the HEB Foundation Camp in Leakey where UGRA gives several presentations on river studies. UGRA also works with teachers on a one on one basis to develop specific water related lesson plans. 


UGRA participates in the Schreiner University Community Internship Program (CIP) and the senior internship program as well as works with students from other institutions wishing to gain experience. Each semester an interested student is given the opportunity to work in the UGRA Environmental Laboratory and/or with the UGRA Natural Resources Department.

Presentations in the Community

Booths: Each year UGRA participates in numerous community events by holding an information booth and providing surface water related resources and materials to the public.

Speakers Bureau: UGRA responds to requests from various community groups for presentations on Kerr County water Issues.

Resources for Teachers

UGRA provides an elementary education curriculum (Major Rivers) to the elementary schools in Kerr County. Major Rivers is a series of seven lessons designed to teach 4th graders about the water cycle and water in Texas.

If you would like more information on any of UGRA’s Outreach and Education Programs, please contact Shelby Taber at (830) 896-5445 or staber@ugra.org