Water Monitoring

UGRA’s water quality monitoring programs consist of several types of sampling events, each with a distinct goal.  Data collected through any of these programs may be requested by contacting UGRA through the form at the bottom of the page.  UGRA staff will communicate with you to determine the type of data needed and an accessible format. 

Clean Rivers Program

UGRA conducts CRP sampling to monitor water quality at ten Kerr County locations and one Kendall County location.  These sampling sites stretch from Hunt to Waring and are monitored four times per year for baseline water quality parameters. An additional five sites are monitored monthly for bacteria and field parameters only.  Water samples are collected and analyzed at the UGRA Environmental Laboratory and the GBRA Environmental Laboratory.  For more information, click here

 County Wide Program

UGRA implemented the County Wide Program in 2008 to focus primarily on water quality in the tributaries of the river in Kerr County.  This sampling design complements the data collected for the Clean Rivers Program which focuses on water quality along the main stem of the Guadalupe River.  Each year, UGRA evaluates data from 19 sites for the County Wide Program and compares the results to baseline values to determine if water quality is improving or deteriorating. 

Summer Swimability Study

The Summer Swimability Study is a longstanding UGRA program that runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day to monitor bacteria levels at popular swimming holes.  We collect samples from twenty-one sites throughout Kerr County during fifteen consecutive weeks. The water samples are analyzed at the UGRA Environmental Laboratory for E. coli bacteria and the results are compared to guidelines for contact recreation. Test results will be posted weekly here

Volunteer Summer Study Program

In 2004, UGRA began the Volunteer Summer Study Program to supplement data collected during the Swimability Study.  Interested members of the community volunteer to collect water samples for bacteria analysis at a location of their choice.  The program not only encourages the participation of local citizens in water quality testing, but the information collected by the volunteers helps identify areas in need of further investigation.  For more information, click here


Have you witnessed a threat to the water quality in Kerr County?  If so, contact the Upper Guadalupe River Authority at 830-896-5445.  UGRA staff responds to numerous water quality concerns each year ranging from strange sights and odors to hazardous waste spills.  The Guadalupe River is the crown jewel of our community and maintaining good water quality is important to all of us.