Major Initiatives

Bacteria Reduction Plan
As the lead surface water quality agency for the Upper Guadalupe River, UGRA received a grant from TCEQ to implement measures to reduce bacteria levels in the Guadalupe River in Kerrville.  Read More
Brush Management
UGRA supports brush management activities by Kerr County landowners in the upper Guadalupe River watershed.  Water enhancement through brush management is an important part in the planning for future water use by maximizing our current water supply.   Read More
Clean Rivers Program
Established in 1991, the Texas Clean Rivers Program (CRP) is a state fee-funded, non-regulatory program that was created to provide a framework and forum for managing water quality issues in a more holistic manner.  UGRA completes CRP activities in the upper Guadalupe River basin in Kerr County.  Read More
EduScape - UGRA's educational landscape  Read More
Feral Hog Management
Feral hog populations have exploded throughout Texas including in Kerr County.  Hogs heavily use streamside areas as travel corridors and wallow in shallow water and mud to keep cool.  This has led them to become a major threat to water quality in our creeks and rivers.  Read More
Healthy Creeks Initiative
UGRA is collaborating with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department in the Healthy Creeks Initiative to combat invasive Arundo donax or giant cane along our waterways.   Read More
Outreach and Education
UGRA has an active education program designed to give Kerr County residents a better understanding of the upper Guadalupe River watershed and water resources.  Read More
Rainwater Harvesting
UGRA has a rebate program and a cost assistance program to promote water conservation and watershed stewardship through rainwater harvesting in Kerr County.  Read More
River Clean Up
Each July, UGRA hosts a River Clean Up to remove trash from the upper Guadalupe River watershed and increase public awareness to the prevalence of littering in our community.  Read More
Volunteer Summer Study
The Volunteer Summer Study Program supplements data collected by UGRA and includes interested members of the community in water quality testing. The information collected by the volunteers also helps identify areas in need of further investigation.  Read More
Water Monitoring
UGRA coordinates several water quality monitoring programs, each with distinct goals.  Read More
Water Resources Preservation
The Water Resources Preservation Grant Program is an incentive program funded by UGRA. The program provides cost share funding for design and construction of stormwater management practices commonly referred to as best management practices (BMPs).  Read More
Water and Sediment Control Basins
Water and sediment control basins slow down overland flood pulses and prevent the initial flood of water from rushing downstream and leaving Kerr County.  Read More