Water and Sediment Control Basins

Water and sediment control basins slow down overland flood pulses and prevent the initial flood of water from rushing downstream and leaving Kerr County.  This allows for the slow release of flood water to enhance river flow over a longer period of time, a reduction in potential erosion, and reduced sedimentation of the river.   UGRA’s first water and sediment control basin was completed in November 2012 on an unnamed tributary of the North Fork Guadalupe River on the Kerr Wildlife Management Area which is owned and operated by TPWD.  Since that time, UGRA has constructed eight more of these structures.  Three are on dry tributaries of the North Fork of the Guadalupe River, two are on dry tributaries to the South Fork of the Guadalupe River and four are on dry tributaries of Johnson Creek.

Completed Water and Sediment Control Basins