Healthy Creeks Initiative

UGRA is collaborating with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department (TPWD) to combat invasive Arundo donax or giant cane along our waterways. This program, “Healthy Creeks Initiative” is a partnership with landowners to protect and improve water quality and habitat health along rivers and creeks in the headwaters of the Guadalupe River watershed.

As most land is privately owned, landowner support is important to the success of this initiative. This program is completely dependent on voluntary cooperation.  

This invasive cane is a widespread threat to water quality, but by working together we can keep it from spreading throughout our Upper Guadalupe River watershed.

We will begin surveying properties for treatment in July 2022. Properties upstream of Kerrville and properties in their 2nd or 3rd treatment year will be prioritized for treatment.  However, any Kerr County property owners interested in this program should contact UGRA to sign up (; 830-896-5445).

Arundo donax in Kerr County