Sample Acceptance Policy

This sample acceptance policy outlines the minimum conditions a sample must meet upon receipt by the UGRA Environmental Laboratory. The following conditions must be met in order for samples to be accepted by UGRA for analysis without qualification. UGRA reserves the right to reject for analysis samples that do not meet these requirements. Water samples that do not comply with these regulations may be accepted for analysis with customer consent, but the lab report will be accompanied by a case narrative with a description of sample deficiencies. The data in the report will be flagged with a ‘Q’ indicating that there is a qualification of the data in the case narrative. Analysis results for these samples may not be acceptable for regulatory purposes. In these instances, the customer will be notified by UGRA staff and informed that their samples will be marked as qualified. At this time, the customer can decide if they wish to proceed with the analysis.

If you require additional information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact UGRA at (830) 896-5445.

  1. Samples requiring thermal preservation at 4 °C must be received on ice. Acceptable temperature range for these samples is 0.1 °C - 6.0 °C. Samples that are mailed to UGRA must also be received within the acceptable temperature range. Samples delivered to the lab shortly after collection are not likely to have reached a fully chilled temperature and are to be considered acceptable if there is evidence that chilling has begun. The sample temperature will be recorded on the Chain of Custody form.

  2. Appropriate sample containers must be used and adequate sample volume must be provided.

  3. All samples must be received within the hold time for the requested analysis.

  4. Chain of Custody forms and sample bottle labels must be filled out completely and properly in water resistant ink.

  5. All water samples requiring chemical preservation must be pre-preserved. Pre-preserved containers will be provided by UGRA upon request.

  6. Samples that show signs of damage or contamination will not be accepted.

Effective date: 1/09/14

Reference: TNI Standard 2009. Sample Acceptance Policy.

UGRA Lab Document Form #100, Rev. 4, 01/09/14