Healthy River Landscaping

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Landscaping to Keep Our River Healthy​

UGRA along with Kerr County, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension, Hill Country Master Gardeners, Beyond Irrigation, Medina Garden Nursery, and Hill Country Master Naturalists hosted the "Landscaping to Keep Our River Healthy" seminar on September 12, 2019.  We discussed strategies and incentives to use landscaping to conserve water and control stormwater runoff to protect our waterways.  The seminar agenda can be accessed here and links to select presentations and resources can be accessed below:

The One Water Approach to Gardening
Dana Nichols, San Antonio Water System

Making Designing for River Water Quality an Easier Option
Karen Bishop, San Antonio River Authority

Rainwater Harvesting – a piece of the water management puzzle
Billy Kniffen, Texas AgriLife Extension

Rainscaping: The Next Generation of Water-wise Landscaping
Shannon Brown, Ecosystem Regeneration Artisans

Rain Gardens: Keeping Water on the Land

Rain Garden Maintenance

Rainwater Harvesting in Texas

Create a Texas Wildscape